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Improving Company Culture Is Not About Providing Free Snacks

strategy+business: Corporate Strategies and News Articles on Global Business, Management, Competition and Marketing  This article from Strategy & Business is spot on. As stated in the article, “the key to unlocking performance via organizational culture is to align company culture to business priorities.”  That is true in every sense, and the same holds true for corporate real estate decisions.  In today’s competitive business environments, its imperative for business leaders to align their corporate real estate decisions with those same business priorities.  Whether those priorities are financial, strategic, operational, or cultural in nature, they all have an impact on real estate, and need to be well understood when making a real estate decision.  Don’t be afraid to engage your employees in these decisions, providing them ownership of the outcome will add to greater engagement in the process.   via Improving Company Culture Is Not About Providing Free Snacks

The Amenity New Office Tenants Want The Most: Control

Coming soon to a Submarket near you.   Having spent the majority of my career with national commercial real estate firms, there is truth to the concept regrading real estate trends – that they initiate in major market places like New York, Chicago and San Francisco, then filter down to other markets, albeit some faster than others.   This article is on point, Landlord’s need listen intently on what their clients – the Tenant wants, as it is a partnership at the end of the day, for  one to succeed, the other must as well.  via The Amenity New Office Tenants Want The Most: Control – Office


This is a really interesting article, and the author may very well be right.  I concur with his take on Office Buildings, the way we all do business in the future may very well impact the office world, the “on demand space” as he calls it is very much here to stay in the near term.  We used to say that capital is king…it may very well now be that flexibility is king….enjoy.

via Five types of real estate that tech will make obsolete… — michael beckerman

3 Reasons Millennials Choose Coworking

The co-working community in San Diego continues to thrive, as there are new facilities what seems to be weekly.  There are now over 50 co-work facilitates in some form across the county.  Each offers something different.  Many people have asked me if just a trend or if its here to stay.  Its early to tell, but I think its here to stay.  While on a square foot basis they are much more expensive than their traditional office counterparts, the flexibility and capital efficiency they provide the business far out weighs that added cost.

Do you have questions about co-working?  We would be happy to answer them.

via 3 Reasons Millennials Choose Coworking | San Diego Business Journal

Design Firm Gensler Moving into NBC’s Former Downtown Space


Rendering courtesy of Gensler

Architecture and design firm Gensler is practicing what they preach.


Architecture and design firm Gensler is moving into the downtown San Diego space vacated last year by TV station NBC 7 (KNSD).  According to the article their goal “… was to accelerate connectivity, creativity and productivity”.

via Design Firm Gensler Moving into NBC’s Former Downtown Space | San Diego Business Journal