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Law Firm Design

Office SnapshotsMy law firm clients often ask, “How are AMLAW 100/200 firms are designing their office…” as they are also concerned about efficiency, retention, and recruiting – not to mention partner profits.   The following link provides some insight as to how Fish and Richardson have set up operations to service their global footprint from a single Administrative Hub.  via Fish & Richardson Offices – Minneapolis – Office Snapshots

3 Reasons Millennials Choose Coworking

The co-working community in San Diego continues to thrive, as there are new facilities what seems to be weekly.  There are now over 50 co-work facilitates in some form across the county.  Each offers something different.  Many people have asked me if just a trend or if its here to stay.  Its early to tell, but I think its here to stay.  While on a square foot basis they are much more expensive than their traditional office counterparts, the flexibility and capital efficiency they provide the business far out weighs that added cost.

Do you have questions about co-working?  We would be happy to answer them.

via 3 Reasons Millennials Choose Coworking | San Diego Business Journal

Law Firms Seek Similar Digs Of Tech Clients

The trend continues, but in an unusual industry.  Law firm Gunderson Dettmer’s office in Silicon Valley dumps the traditional offices model for something more progressive  – an open space collaborative environment.

If your organization is not paying attention to workplace strategy, its time to start understanding what your competition is doing and how you can turn your real estate into a business advantage.  Ask us how.

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Amenities For The Next Generation Of Tech Workers

When Experian Datalabs set out for a new office space, growth needs were certainly top of the list, but it also provided Experian with an opportunity to “…create a custom, branded work environment that reflects the Experian corporate culture.”

Putting in the time upfront, and being proactive made this possible.  The new generation of office workers demand more than just office space.  Make your next real estate decision a business advantage.

Technologically savvy users desire such features as open ceilings, exposed K-bar wall braces and a social break area, which are all a part of the newly completed Experian DataLabs office…


Office Landlords Leverage Co-Working Style Designs to Retain Tenants

Inspired by Millennials, the collaborative office design is now popular across most industries and age groups. Office building landlords are now outfitting lobbies with amenities and creating indoor and outdoor spaces where building occupants can work, socialize and meet with each other or clients.

via Office Landlords Leverage Co-Working Style Designs to Retain Tenants

Margaret Heffernan: Forget the pecking order at work

I was recently introduced to a TED Talk by, Margaret Heffernan an entrepreneur, former CEO of five companies and author, where she discusses the impact that culture has on a organization.  She said culture of helpfulness routinely outperforms individual intelligence, and makes the claim that many organizations are often run according to “the superchicken model,” where the value is placed on star employees who outperform others.  As she points out, this isn’t what drives the most high-achieving teams, or what we like to call high performance environments, or workplaces.   It’s the social cohesion among the team that is built during every coffee break, during every interaction, every time one team member asks another for help — is the key driver that over time will lead to great results.

This concept has become of the cornerstone of today’s workplace strategy and office design.  You have probably seen countless articles discussing high performance workplaces and their characteristics.   A high performance workplace is a physical environment designed to make workers as effective as possible in supporting business goals and providing value.

In a high performance workplace, teams produce quality products and services using innovative techniques. They tend to collaborate more effectively than other groups of people. In these high-performance environments, people trust one another, feel empowered to make changes and experience high levels of job satisfaction. Employees with high morale miss work less frequently and function more productively and cost-effectively.

Before you make another real estate decision, establish a working group within your business, bring all the stakeholders together, spend some time and engage your employees about what they want.  Find out what they like about coming to work every day.  At the end of the day, our work environments should complement and foster company culture and brand, and help with employee recruitment, and retention.  Believe me, if you are not paying attention to this, you will lose your talent to those that are.  Trust me, your employees are thinking about it.