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Improving Company Culture Is Not About Providing Free Snacks

strategy+business: Corporate Strategies and News Articles on Global Business, Management, Competition and Marketing  This article from Strategy & Business is spot on. As stated in the article, “the key to unlocking performance via organizational culture is to align company culture to business priorities.”  That is true in every sense, and the same holds true for corporate real estate decisions.  In today’s competitive business environments, its imperative for business leaders to align their corporate real estate decisions with those same business priorities.  Whether those priorities are financial, strategic, operational, or cultural in nature, they all have an impact on real estate, and need to be well understood when making a real estate decision.  Don’t be afraid to engage your employees in these decisions, providing them ownership of the outcome will add to greater engagement in the process.   via Improving Company Culture Is Not About Providing Free Snacks

EQ: Three Benefits of Emotional Intelligence for Today’s Business Leaders

Emotion intelligence is an interesting topic, one I have heard emphasized more over the last ten years. This an interesting article (quick read) outlining the importance of having emotional intelligence and how it effects leadership, and the benefits to the organization.

via EQ: Three Benefits of Emotional Intelligence for Today’s Business Leaders

Law Firms Seek Similar Digs Of Tech Clients

The trend continues, but in an unusual industry.  Law firm Gunderson Dettmer’s office in Silicon Valley dumps the traditional offices model for something more progressive  – an open space collaborative environment.

If your organization is not paying attention to workplace strategy, its time to start understanding what your competition is doing and how you can turn your real estate into a business advantage.  Ask us how.

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Amenities For The Next Generation Of Tech Workers

When Experian Datalabs set out for a new office space, growth needs were certainly top of the list, but it also provided Experian with an opportunity to “…create a custom, branded work environment that reflects the Experian corporate culture.”

Putting in the time upfront, and being proactive made this possible.  The new generation of office workers demand more than just office space.  Make your next real estate decision a business advantage.

Technologically savvy users desire such features as open ceilings, exposed K-bar wall braces and a social break area, which are all a part of the newly completed Experian DataLabs office…


Snapchat’s Real Estate Strategy Makes Corporate Hqs Seem Like Dinosaurs

Maximum flexibility or cohesive office environment?  Snapchat has taken it to the extreme.  The question that is not asked often enough is why do people come to work (besides the paycheck of course).  Many of us have that ‘flexible’ workplace option but still opt to come into the office…but why?  I believe it has to do with communication and overall effectiveness.  There are times when being virtual just does not cut it…you can only do some much work over phone and email.  Sometimes you need that personal interaction to finish the job correctly.

The importance of a strong corporate culture is paramount to growing an organization and retaining talent.

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