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First-Quarter Venture Funding Slumps in San Diego, and Top 10 Deals

Here are San Diego’s top 10 first-quarter deals, based on PitchBook data from the Venture Monitor report.

Vividion Therapeutics $50 million BioPharma
F1 Oncology $44 million Anti-cancer
Biological Dynamics $28.9 million Anti-cancer
Dauntless Pharmaceuticals $25 million BioPharma
Jecure Therapeutics $20 million BioPharma
Neurelis $20 million BioPharma
Oncternal Therapeutics $18.4 million Anti-cancer
Genoa Pharmaceuticals $16.6 million BioPharma
Avidity Biosciences $16 million BioPharma
Echo Laboratories $12.9 million Healthtech

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The ‘Live, Work, Play’ Vision for East Village Is Missing the ‘Work’

With vacancy at near historic lows in downtown San Diego, we are hearing rumblings of new office construction on the horizon.  It might not come soon enough to satisfy the concerns outlined in the article below.

Are you curious as to what development is currently underway downtown?  Here is list prepared by Civic San Diego outlined all of the projects that were currently underway at the end of 2016.

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3 Reasons Millennials Choose Coworking

The co-working community in San Diego continues to thrive, as there are new facilities what seems to be weekly.  There are now over 50 co-work facilitates in some form across the county.  Each offers something different.  Many people have asked me if just a trend or if its here to stay.  Its early to tell, but I think its here to stay.  While on a square foot basis they are much more expensive than their traditional office counterparts, the flexibility and capital efficiency they provide the business far out weighs that added cost.

Do you have questions about co-working?  We would be happy to answer them.

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Law Firms Seek Similar Digs Of Tech Clients

The trend continues, but in an unusual industry.  Law firm Gunderson Dettmer’s office in Silicon Valley dumps the traditional offices model for something more progressive  – an open space collaborative environment.

If your organization is not paying attention to workplace strategy, its time to start understanding what your competition is doing and how you can turn your real estate into a business advantage.  Ask us how.

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